Close-up, Walk-Around Magic 

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A Perfect Way To Get Conversations Started is Having Guests Intermingling While Enjoying A Fun, Engaging Atmosphere

First, let’s get it right…KERRY DOESN’T JUST DO CLOSE-UP MAGIC! He does close-up mentalism. Magicians are a dime a dozen. Many believe magic tricks are for kids. Close-up mentalism is much rarer, and for a more mature audience…Kerry performs Close-Up Mentalism.

Mentalism that happens up close and personal, and happens right in front of, and even in the hands of your guests. Its intimate nature brings a special, personal touch lacking in other performance art forms.


Kerry’s Close-up Mentalism Experience

This versatile show takes no special setup and has no technical needs, it simply matches the tone of your event! Kerry’s Close-up Mentalism is ideal for events where you want to make a big impact but in a more informal atmosphere or an environment where you have guests coming and going.

Kerry will have fun with your guest’s minds, up close and personal with mind reading, mental feats, and intimate miracles. This will fill your event with the sounds of laughter, applause, and awe!

Imagine the sound of laughter and amazement filling the air as Kerry amazes and entertains your guests with incredible mentalism and mind-reading.  Kerry not only generates a fun, happening atmosphere but also breaks the ice while promoting conversation and interaction among guests who don’t know each other.  It’s the ultimate way to bring everyone together!

Excellent for cocktail hour, pre-dinner or after-dinner entertainment, or engagement entertainment at association conferences, trade shows, hospitality suites, and other corporate events, large or intimate, formal or casual, Kerry’s Close-up Mentalism will be the perfect addition that your guests will enjoy and long remember.

Close-Up Mentalism is…

  • Close-Up Mentalism is often used at dinners pre-speaker when crowds become restless. It is also a great conversation starter at cocktail parties and mixers.
  • Close-Up Mentalism is great entertainment at private parties, wedding receptions, and corporate events both indoors and outdoors.
  • Close-Up Mentalism is not card and coin magic. It uses the minds of both the spectator and the mentalist. What could be more personal than reading minds?
  • Close-Up Mentalism is a great stand-alone performance, but it is often combined with a stage mentalism show to have well-rounded entertainment for your event. It is also a way an inspirational speaker or keynote speaker can “get up close and personal” with the crowd and have some fun.

Kerry is an accomplished Close-Up Mentalist. Usually, his Close-Up Mentalism is combined with one of his other corporate shows or speaking events.

Kerry also performs his Close-Up Mentalism for weddings and other indoor and outdoor events.