Raleigh College Stage Hypnotism Show

Unfortunately, due to a hard drive crash, a more recent video is not available.

“Kerry Started Stage Hypnotism back in 1989…

Kerry Had been doing professional magic for a few years and wanted to expand into Stage Hypnotism. There was no school for Stage Hypnotism, so he went to school for hypnotherapy and became a licensed hypnotherapist. He did his first Stage Hypnotism Show in the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and has been doing them since. Unfortunately, due to a hard drive crash, a more recent video is not available.


You Only Have ONE Chance To Make Your Event Spectacular – Hypnotist Kerry

You’ve had other types of performers before, you want something different, unlike the others. A good comedy hypnosis show can be the most fun and amazing show in all of entertainment – no tricks, no gags, no gimmicks, just the natural abilities of our mind.

Kerry’s College Comedy Hypnosis Show features all the elements of a memorable and successful performance…

Comedy & Laughter, Audience Participation, And The Amazing Fascination Of Hypnosis!

Kerry’s “College-Appropriate” hypnosis stage show allows some of your guests to become the stars of the show in this fun and a fantastic showcase of the powers and abilities of our minds!

Kerry’s Hypnosis Show is appropriate for college audiences.


Your guests will be on the edge of their seats, completely engaged and laughing out loud!

Let your guest will experience the amazing and engaging power of comedy hypnosis first hand as on-stage volunteers experience this natural and relaxed state of mind where the subconscious leads to the fun, laughter and hilarious actions from those accepting the art of suggestion.

It’s the funniest college entertainment performance you’ll ever see!


Mesmerize Your Guests With Fun And Laughter With Kerry College Comedy Hypnosis Show – Call Today!