“Are your inspirational speakers losing your audience and putting your audience to sleep? Is your audience unengaged or tough to please?

Are you looking for something different, real and exciting for your next corporate event?

If so, Kerry’s “Making the Impossible Possible” is the “something different” you’re seeking to reach and engage your entire audience.

Why Is Keynote Speaker Kerry The Perfect Solution For Your Needs?

Speaker Kerry’s speaking presentations are clean, interactive, and riveting, with a perfect blend of comedy, information, and inspiration. His presentations will challenge your senses, mindsets, and beliefs while showcasing incredible abilities of the mind.

Kerry’s inspirational speaking is not an ordinary keynote presentation. He engages audience members with mental feats, knowledge and abilities that have been honed through years of experience.

Making The Impossible Possible

Kerry’s inspirational speech is a combination of comedy, his inspirational story, mind reading and mentalism, and magic of the mind. He will read people’s minds in funny ways and perform mental stunts that will astound you. More importantly, he will walk the audience through the process of attaining and achieving things they previously thought impossible.

His message is insightful and applicable to everyone. He delivers the message in a challenging and inspirational way where people will commit to making a real difference.

What Makes Inspirational Speaker Kerry So Unique?

What makes Kerry’s presentations so effective is his unique ability of blending of his message with entertainment. As a professional mentalist, hypnotist, and speaker, Kerry has studied psychology, human behaviors, and the neuroscience of the mind.

His ability to blend the message with interactive mental entertainment makes him effective. With his specialized skills, and his insight of behavior and psychology, he is both entertaining and provides real information that his audience can use and understand.

The goal in his presentations is to help his audience break their illusions and realize what they think they see isn’t always as it appears.

He reinforces specific points of his programs with amazing demonstrations of psychology, influence, clean humor, relevant stories, and respectful audience participation. This unique approach allows Kerry to connect with any audience.

It Penetrates Your Mind And Transforms The Way You Think Why?
Kerry Speaks With Passion From The Heart

Kerry has combined the awe of mentalism, mind reading, and other mental feats with comedy and his own story. Because of the combination he has created something very special, rare and unique.

Don’t Take Chances When It Comes To Your Keynote Speaker

Kerry will keep everyone captivated as he plucks thoughts out of the minds of your guests during an interactive and engaging mind-reading and mentalism inspirational presentation that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Your guests will be on the edge of their seats as they experience Kerry’s extraordinary abilities in showmanship, psychology, and the unexplainable leaving everyone captivated by his presentation.

Better yet, he encourages the audience members to do the impossible themselves and shows them how, all in the funniest way possible!

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• June & July - Comedy Magic #1
• August - Dangerous Magic
• September - Comedy Magic #2

• October - Haunting Magic
• November - Hypnotism
• December- Mentalism