A Short Stand-up Comedy and Mentalism Show
for a Small Audience.

A mind reading and mentalism show is designed from start to finish to be 100% interactive. 

Kerry presents an incredible mind reading and mentalism show! He is known for his extraordinary abilities in showmanship, psychology, and the unexplainable!

See mentalist Kerry tap into the minds of your guests while leaving them with their jaws on the floor. He predicts things before they’ve happened and puts his own money on the line! See him read minds, predict the future, memorize a shuffled deck of cards, make things move with the power of his mind! Better still he encourages the audience members to do the impossible themselves and shows them how, all in the funniest way possible!

Your guests will be on the edge of their seats as they experience entertainer Kerry’s extraordinary abilities in showmanship, psychology, and the unexplainable leaving everyone captivated by his mentalism and mind reading inspirational show.

After every performance, skeptics and believers alike will line up to share their experience with Kerry, and he will be happy to answer any and all questions.

You will be in awe of Kerry’s interactive and mysterious mind-reading mentalism journey into the magical unknown!